Saturday, January 21, 2006

Cookin' on another planet

Hello one and all,

This weeks blogg is going to be completely different. First some background... I'm in Dhaka for a meeting with the head safety and security guy from Washington. So I'm taking this chance to write more clever and stunning insights about the lighter side of Bangladesh.(is their any other options?) Or the maddness as I have "coined" it... Today I am joined by Ben "ron" Mexico. A fellow PCV (Peace Corps Volunteer) who is just trying to live his fashion dream in the desh.

Recent events in the desh has brought us to a few questions about sercurity.

1. What is sercurity?
2. Why is it a myth here in the desh?
3. What is time?
4. Why are we here?

All these questions however are going to be delt with later(when we actually know the never) or hopefully this afternoon when we have our meeting with Pat hogan...perhaps related to Hulk Hogan, also rumored to be Crocodile dundee... Who still is inferior to Chuck Norris anyways.

Until then, let's review my journey through the looking glass so far:

August: a tornado picked up my house and landed me in oz. Well, oz minus the emerald city and the yellow brick road...and anything remotely sweet or resembling Kansas in the mid 1940s. If you see some ruby slippers plese forward them my way(This is most likely to be done in vain because customs will steal them). Actually, just take a concrete oz and throw trash everywhere.

September-October: training comes and goes in a fury of heat induced insanity fits that causes me to speak bangla, wipe my you know what and eat with my hands, and tear up/repave a perfectly good road several times simply cause that's what i do (what other reason is there?) but, i swear in as a volunteer and laugh hysterically at my friend seth eden as he manages to prove over the course of 8 hours (or more; in fact it's uncertain when he started drinking or if he ever stopped for that matter) that alcohol poisoning is a myth and drunken wandering of the streets of dhaka (emerald city - emeralds - wizard + trash + misery) won't necessarily get you stabbed in a ditch by morning.

November- Present: I go to site. Bombs go off. Volunteers quit. I don't quit. I go to Dhaka (see formula above) for security meetings. Learn that I actually died yesterday. Went to American Club and drowned my bliss (happiness - joy + misery)in Hienekin. I was also really sick,( a 102 temp to be exact. And I woke up shaking because I was so cold) but I got better only to realize I was still in Bangladesh (which it seems no medicine can cure but the malaria meds give me nice dreams).

I'll leave you with some eternal words... "When the boogie man goes to sleep at night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris"

The maddness continues...

Now for the weekend update. The big news is that I now have a site mate. Yes, after being the only American at my site I now have a buddy. Her name is Emily and she will be teaching at a private school. I'll be honest with you. I was begining to like being the only American in my town. I read and wrote a lot and did whatever I wanted. And now I have this person who wants to hang out everyday(dare I say she cramps my style?). I'm not saying that it's a bad thing to have another American to kick it with. It's just a change. I'm still on the fense if it is a good thing or not.


Blogger Matty D said...

My dearest Travis... if you worked on some subject/verb agreement, I am sure you would have more work. So for reference:
ARE there any more options, not is...
Recent events (plural) HAVE brought us...
See, plural subject, plural verb conjugation. Word.
Aight, I'm assuming Emily is not the hottest piece in the Desh otherwise you wouldn't be complaining. Stay away from her, work on your Bangli- it's a huge plus in American politics.

1:21 AM  

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