Sunday, January 15, 2006

Alive in the Desh


After coasting my way through the hoildays and the new year I promise to bring you more stunning insights and events from Bangladesh.

Life here is more boring then the 2nd week of winter break. I have no classes to teach and no homework to do. I was supposed to start teaching in Jan... But, after having a couple pointless meetings and when the dept head says... I don't see how my students can benfit from taking an English class from you. My students are more interested in English Lit. than English... Please keep in mind this was in the English dept.... Believe it or not that isn't the best line. One professor told me to wait 5 min. he would be right back. I finally gave up after 2 hours... After talking with the economic dept I find out that the college has a cultural program for the rest of this month and I might get to start teaching in Feb.... Yeah, so needless to say I don't do much of anything. The college is always closed and I might teach 100 days out of 365. I'll be honest here. I'm starting to like sleeping late and reading a few hours a day.... So far in a little over 6 months I have read about 16 books...

Now on for the excitment of new years in the desh. After throwing up all day on the day before the new year... I took it easy. I went to some sort of program that had a debate which I was a judge at and I also gave a 20 minute speech on whatever I wanted... I found out about all of this on a walk that one of my buddies and I went on It just happened that we were walking to this cultural event... The daily star (english speaking paper of the desh) is launching some magazine and of course they want the American front and center and they want me to be writer for this publication as well...

I played badminton with my host fam and won the block badminton tournment... Sidenote: Yes, I am happy to report that I have a lighted Badminton court in my front yard. After much bickering on my part.Did you know that you can get a university schlorship to play badminton in Bangladesh? Back to the subject at hand, After badminton we ate rich food which means fried rice (yes, anything and everything can be fried and it is in the desh) and had soda or cold drinks as they like to call them...(or at least they had soda, I had Gatoraide!! One of the best X-mas gifts I have ever gotten!!) Everyone was in bed around 11:30. SO I brought in the new year watching a EPL game on TV all by myself..

Which brings us to EID day. I survied bloody eid day.It is the second biggest muslim hoilday and Ahalla demands that you make a great sacrifice.... So everyone buys a goat, cow, or camel if your really rich. I named our cow George Bush. I found it very fitting that he was going to be sacrificed in the name of Allah. The sacrifice itself wasn't freaking me out as much as the fact that it was going to happen in our front yard the place where I play badminton everynight!, and my host fathers were going to kill this cow with rusty daggers that looked a shank or whatever those things are called that prisioners make.. It was a little to midevil for my liking. The weirdest part was that after they got done cutting up the cow, beggers came and we just gave out beef like it was halloween candy...

Today, I will leave you with this thought from my bus trip to the office. As I hopped on the bus and slid my way to the window seat. The bus driver took us through the maze of side streets and partial highways, I gazed out the window and happened upon a phenomenon: Bangladishes like to stand in the street.

Sometimes they're moving, or jaywalking to us Americans, sometimes they're sitting on the middle divider of a highway(or just standing where a divider should be) having a conversation with their 3 year old, and many times they want to get my attention by saying HELLO! has loud as they can. But, most of the time they tell their friends and point. Leaving me to wonder, what are all these people doing??


Blogger wasiq said...

Hi Travis

Just got back from Tunisia where we basically froze for 17 days. Thank God I knew someone in Tunis who put us up for free part of the time. I am now back in L'worth and appreciating the little things (very very far from the 33 hours we had to spend in transit in unfriendly Frankfurt).


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